Patients with asthma and hay fever have a lower risk of dying from Cancer.

A current study of over a million men and women in Canada in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that patients with asthma and hay fever have a lower overall risk of dying from cancer than people without allergic conditions. Patients with both allergic asthma and hay fever were 12 percent less likely to die from cancer. Having non-allergic asthma only was associated with a lower risk of death from leukemia, but a higher risk of dying from lung cancer.

One could speculate that the reason is the allergic individual has a superior immune system, or simply they are much less likely to smoke cigarettes.

Migraine Headaches associated with Chronic Nasal Disorders.

Recently presented evidence suggests that persons with chronic nasal symptoms are approximately 14 times more likely to suffer from migriane headaches than a similar population without such problems. The authors suggest that histamine and other mediators that cause blood vessels to expand and the membranes to become inflammed could play a key role in cause. 


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